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Edmonton's LRT

Sometimes the subway in the city was referred to as the LRT. LRT - it is light rail. Simply call it simply the subway, but do not give a formal definition to speak of just professionals, but because too many people have moved to these abbreviations. Ask passers-by in Edmonton - nearly half of those surveyed say you do not have the subway, namely LRT Edmonton. Surely everyone knows the difference from the usual light rail station, so talk about it, we will not, so as not to waste time. Thus, the Metro Edmonton was established in 1978. There is even an exact opening date - April 28. So, in spring 1978 grand opening was the only subway line in Edmonton. It's like the only, and remains to this day, because it simply cannot develop. Of course, the future development plan provided for the metro, which will create at least another one branch, but that still need to survive, because the development plan provides for a fairly substantial for a small town for a two-four years. At the same time during this period will be built only three stations. But this is quite a big step, because this town is small, the population in it a little more than a million people, given the suburbs. And so, another thread in the suburbs will not prevent the city, but it should be a little later than now. In the meantime, Metro and the city have enough, because it transports every day for almost a hundred thousand people. This is so far lacking, and the roads in the city so far downloaded is not so much so that you can complain about the lack of public transportation in the city. Due to the fact that Metro still light, it does not take up much space in the city, and is therefore a very convenient transportation for anyone who wants to ride the metro Edmonton.

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Size of the underground, of course, no one will be impressed by its size - there are only 20 tikilometrovaya branch, which stretches from north to south, crosses the river and moves on. The city itself is mostly located on the northern bank of the river, there is also a business center and many working-class districts, while the production is mainly located on the banks of the river. In this case, as a rule, have a subway along the river, but here the distance was so small that it was decided to build a metro not along the river, and perpendicular to it, which is why the current station is located in this way. Although the front line of the river and makes a small bend, she still does not fully cover the entire industrial area, and takes only a small point at which all the lands the passengers traveling from different parts of the city. The result is that the subway in the city of Edmonton, albeit small, but still meets all the needs of the city. This means that all are happy. The fare is not so small - 2.85 per trip. By comparison, even a trip to New York City subway is cheap, although there is the subway up to enormous sizes in more than 1,000 kilometers. And you can go without bonuses. There is also no extra charges, but the bulk pack of tickets will cost you a discount of two percent relative to the retail price of the same ticket. But there are a variety of discounts for seniors and youth, when the ticket is worth two dollars, and the travel cost less than 20. Convenience, but for it you must pay.

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