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Subway line in Calgary is hardly underground, light rail or tram because none of the definitions, which must fit the description of the subway under it do not fit - the public transport here is similar to everything, so it is mostly referred to simply as - C- Train. And most professionals in the metro area include this transport to the category of light rail, although there is a wide variety of things that suggest that he has the traits and the other two types of rail transport. This transport is good because it is located, and above ground and below ground, but nevertheless it was good anyway, because, despite the small amount of mileage and branches, each day a train carrying nearly 300,000 passengers each year and therefore we obtain of almost 90 million people. Due to this scale, the industrial center of Calgary no longer need any other form of transport, except that there is here. In the second classification LRT - is light rail, but it is only those at the center because of its railroad tracks - it's still the canvas for the subway, and not for the tram. As a result of such combinations has turned out great for the metro cities with large populations, but because every person who tried to ride on such a combined form of transport, was always happy, no matter where he went or why he was driving. Stations in the city a lot, they are scattered irregularly, but at the expense of the observed low level of noise in residential areas and high speed industrial areas of the city. Besides the advantages of Metro can be called such as the excellent high-speed quality, because this type of light-rail Metrotram some have called, and this form of transport is very good combination of not only the mobility and convenience, but also a great rate on any part of the road.

The pros and cons. Or vice versa

However, not only the pros can be seen in the subway, even though they can be interpreted quite differently. On the one hand in the Calgary metropolitan bit inconvenient fact that the train it suited only to high platforms that are not in every area of the city, and therefore not in any place convenient to enter the cars. At the same time, many stations are equipped so that you can safely sit down as you will, that is, there are also low, and high platform. So sometimes the inconvenience becomes more comfortable, if you look at them from a different point of view. All underground - are the three branches, which visually relate to three different areas of the city - south, north-east and north-west. As a result, the entire line is split very convenient. So everyone can understand in a relatively short period of time where you can go to one or another branch. The entire length of the subway in Calgary - 48 km with a little. Thanks to Metro covers almost the entire city, including numerous suburbs, but at the expense of the rather efficient in terms of passenger transport network. However, it now seems not so perfect because of the small number of passengers that a train can carry at one time. And because many people do not want to go to a flea market, which usually takes place in the local underground.

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