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Sofia subway map

Metro Station on the Black Sea

Another famous people, who even celebrate Independence Day twice a year, is famous for the fact that the capital of the country not so long ago built a great subway. Of course, we can not say that the subway in the city is very big, but very important fact that the city got its metro - which means that there is great potential for further development of the city, and to obtain additional revenue from tourism - because Bulgaria is on the the Black Sea coast, but because there are a large number of tourists, who happily leave money in the city treasury. However, this allows Metro to travel around the city, not only tourists but also locals - the metro here, although not very long, but still covers most of the city, and because people prefer to use the subway to go to work. Size of the underground is really small - only 17 kilometers of track, which completely covers only a business center and small suburbs, more precisely, the outskirts of the city where he lives far from the whole population of the capital. And, despite this, there is a very large number of people who use the subways - for each day accumulates nearly 200,000 people who use the subway to the full - that is, people go to work in the morning and returned to the subway in Sofia at night. As a result, due to the fact that the population actively uses the subway, ticket prices are low, even considering the fact that the city is actively drive the tourists. In general, the metro is very convenient because it created the underground very quickly, and appeared in the city in 1998. In the end it turned out that all the cars that were purchased for a small metro, are new and comfortable, but because the presence of different trains that can move in line with a top speed of nearly 60 kilometers per hour - a lot, but the average speed on actually much lower, because between the stations have to move slowly so as not to disturb the people sitting inside. By the way - there is not and probably will not have any automated systems that will run underground for the convenience of passengers. It is believed that the manual control of a soft and reliable when compared with the automatic.

Exceptionally good transportation

The city is situated on the line just 14 stations, but this is enough to cover can be almost the entire center in equal measure, and not to create davok at some stations, given the fact that the other would have been too few people. Of course, the central station are always very popular with tourists, and therefore to the outskirts of the city they never arrives. At least, so says the statistics, which never lies. It turned out so that the underground in the city has become almost the main transport, despite the fact that there are quite a few other public transportation that runs continuously in the city - there are buses, as well as a number of other carriers. But the subway is more useful means of transportation due to cheapness and availability of modern equipment. As a result, the subway is used only because it can be used to avoid the many traffic jams, which often accumulates in the center so that you can not even just cross the road - so many cars accumulate. At the same time, the underground is moving so fast that it can not be compared with any other means of transportation - it is better here simply do not find it.

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