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Chord of the city

When we talk about the country's largest metro, you can talk now about the smallest underground railway, which at the same time is also the slowest station in the country - he goes his way in the 14.5 kilometers in just 50 minutes. This is the slowest subway in the country, and probably in the world. On the site of this length successfully settled nine stations that allow people to get out the top, and sometimes just go with the train in the most convenient for them at the city. As the number of ground stations and ground, it is not precisely known, in order to learn it more precisely, it is best to leave it to the city, so you can personally find which stations are above and which below the city. But for those who do not like to travel to distant cities, but just likes to sit dreaming - it does not matter, so just let's read about Subway in the city of Teresina. Like many other metros, this is not built just like that - Teresina is one of the capital cities of the state into which the country. Almost all the subways are in capitals, and therefore this city is no exception to the rule. A straight line, which is the underground city, passed from one end of town to the other from west to east (or vice versa, does not matter). The only important thing is that now in this city you can get through almost the entire city in any part of it. Despite the fact that there are only 15 miles of trails, it is enough to be able to choose between the main stations, some of which are located in the heart of the city, and some stations located outside the business center and is located either in residential areas, or among the same industry zones. In any case, the underground city allows everyone to get to his work for a few minutes. Although considered a minutes this train will have a very long time, since its average speed is 20 km / h

Save and save again

Among the features of this line could be set aside many of those who would show an opportunity for people to save money, but first tell you about those features that are allowed to save money in the state budget. First, the size of the track was chosen to be 1000 mm, resulting in a narrower cars turned out, but they just became a little more, so people are not crowded into one car. At the same time for people to make and low rate is the lower the rate, the less waste and, hence, the lower the cost of a ticket or token on the subway. However, due to lower fare rate has fallen, as has been stated above, it is only 20 kilometers per hour. Most likely, the subway in the city will have a reputation as a turtle, because even the cyclists on the surface move faster. But they are tired, and people in the subway there, so there is debatable. Therefore, most business people do not continue to enjoy the city subway and private transport. For this reason, the metro Terezin transports only 20 000 people every day, which is very, very small. Compared with other cities, only to Terezin two or three settlements have less of the minimum number of passengers. So, whatever may be said about it underground, but it's still slow.

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