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Sao Paulo subway map

Secure underground

The largest metropolitan Brazil - a Metro Sao Paulo. This Subway is also one of the oldest, built in this country. It was opened in 1974, despite the fact that construction has ended much earlier - in 1972. That is almost two years in the metro tested and improved, so that you can say that the passengers will feel inside the train in complete safety. But construction is not finished just in the same year, because after a while working on the construction of the underground again resumed, but because the underground is gradually getting new branches and new stations, which led to his current form, when the five branches are 62 stations and connects of 71 kilometers of roads. For Brazil, considering that even in the capital of a small station, it's very much, but do not underestimate the people living in this country - all for your convenience, ready to do a lot, almost move mountains, so you can ride around the city with the convenience and without the traffic jams that are so hampered enjoy life. But in general, if we talk about this underground, it is worth noting that its development could not start earlier is because in Brazil have been assured in the comfort and practicality of road transport. Lost faith in him only when he became greatly interfere with the road, accumulating and gradually taking up the whole way. In the same city, and the problem was solved already practically solved, because all the city's population, nearly 3.2 million people ride the subway. This is very much a record in the country, but not the record for the world, although the annual rate of fall is definitely in the ratings of some of the world's subways. To get there is far from everything, but not all subways wheeling one day more than three million people. So if the city would be on the list, it is well deserved.

We proceed with the wheels on the rails

As we have seen in the history of the project, the subway in this city was built with an emphasis on the fact that the full transfer rights to the road surface into the ground with wheels on the rails. Thanks to the powerful railway system within the city managed to create the necessary grid for the train - five lines, all of which intersect at several points, can go to any place. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything about the price of a trip to the subway, because there is virtually no data. But to think that there is low cost compared to other countries, where sometimes the cost comes to three dollars per trip. What can be said about Brazil - so far unclear, since the course's real and permanent rides. So, let's talk more about the metro. There are five different branches, one of which until recently was separately because it was based on reasons other than the main underground. As a result, only in the last year of this node connected to the main branch of the subway and made it possible to join him in full. Now the purple thread intersects two others, which allows people to go to the southwest. As a result, this Metro can rightfully be called the largest metro in the country, but he has not even unfinished, and therefore its development will definitely move forward a few years, making it even more convenient and more underground, not only in the country, but also on all of the mainland.

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