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Salvador subway map

One subway to 3 million

In a major city in the west is currently under construction of another major metropolitan country. In El Salvador, will be built its own Metro, which will relieve the town center, which is already loaded with its large number of vehicles from 3 million inhabitants. In general, the construction of the subway had to start a long time ago, because the city has become a major is not for one day, and not even a year, those people in it already the order of several decades, but because such an attitude to the city and the people, a lot of people just standing in the traffic due to the fact that nothing could be done with the traffic. But now the problem is solved very active, because the explicit requirement of Metro Government was finally clear to countries and cities in particular, so that now the majority of citizens satisfied with the fact that the subway was built for them, and not in another city. Of course, there is and the larger cities, but here the situation is the worst way, but because construction projects have chosen El Salvador. In general, now in the city already has a number of stations and branches that may already operate safely, but so far that not all branches are built to the end. The initial construction plan assumed that the subway will be constructed in such a way that part of the coastal people could get into all areas of the city and vice versa, since the port area the city would bring the greatest profit. However, until it is ready only part of the inside of the port, and a little east, further into the residential and financial districts of the construction has not yet been reached. Also under construction in the city had a subway line, which was carrying mostly goods and a small number of residents along the northern coast. But this line has never been sufficient to ensure a sufficient number of transport within the city. Although this line is called the inner city, there is nothing that would give it a status that will get metropolitan city after the completion of construction.

We build, we build

But it has not yet been completed, although in full swing to a logical conclusion. At the moment, part the red and green branches is ready, about 5-7 stations on each branch. Maybe that has become a lot more stations, but the mere fact that the subway is still under construction, makes it clear that it is moving forward. What is planned to create stations - is unknown, because the line is constantly extended forward on the plan, so that the initial number could not be one or two stations is less, but rather by 5-8. But let's just wait until the subway will be completed so that you can enjoy the rides within the city. Since there is a very convenient place for the building, and some roads will be built just on the surface, part of the subway will be built much faster than the underground tunnels. This simply means that it will take only a few years, and the result is obvious. Of course, too early yet to say in times of crisis, that the subway will be completed on time, because the jumps in the markets do not give a good judgment. However, we must be optimistic and hope for the best, the fact that the subway will be completed in the near future. So preparing and waiting for the subway will be ready.

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