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Rio de Janeiro subway map

Beautiful city and beautiful subway

The most beautiful city in Brazil - it's not even the capital and the port is not bright, with lots of people and revelers. The most beautiful city in Brazil - is in Rio de Janeiro, although it still competes with several cities in the country, in particular - Sao Paulo. This is one of the most ambitious projects of the country, because there will also create two existing branches are at least three, because it is required that the city could carry all comers during the carnival. As you know, it was held here every year colorful carnivals and covered with streets - it is a hindrance for those who want to get there and see the show. Therefore, the number of lines will be increased soon, and the total length will increase almost threefold. In general, now in the city, and so have a good subway, only during rush hours it is not enough, because only then is it that is completely clogged the underground, and some people go home on foot. Imagine that now, in today's metro cities each day passes more than 550 thousand people. Of course, that the presence of only two branches is not enough, because some people gets to them, especially on other transportation to go further, and not stuck in traffic jams. That is why there are so many difficulties in the way of a simple citizen of the city, which has decided to travel around the city on a different transport or simply live too far from the subway. But thanks to the development plan of the underground you can implement his plan, and allow people to get to the right place for them without any transplants, because any change - it's a waste of time, and the presence of the same transport in different parts of the city allows residents to safely travel to work much faster. But it is so far only the plans that will be implemented in the near future.

Develop and present

But while plans are developed, builders are prepared, and the material gradually are imported into the city to begin construction, the people just go on the subway, which is in their use. Due to this transport, who has lived without a serious development for several years, people went to work for more than 30 years. So every day when the subway to work, several hundred thousand people turned out to be safely in the workplace. That's why gradually the number of passengers on the subway rose to 550,000 for each day of work. It's very much, because over the last month of almost 15 million people can use transport, and for the year turns out more than 180 million people. Big numbers, but they actually increase an order of magnitude - when the station will be built. While the length of the subway is about 42 kilometers, and the number of stations is equal to 38. But that does not mean that the train is moving more slowly than in other cities. On the contrary, this speed is maintained at a high level, because you want to train to transport passengers for a few minutes, otherwise the delay is inevitable. So, thanks to the subway in the city, people cannot just get to a point in the city, they can do it very quickly, because the availability of quick and easy transport - it is always important in the life of a big city, it could not be practically nothing.

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