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Recife subway map

0.66 of branch

The original name for the city, located in Brazil - which is rare, because usually the Spaniards named the town in honor of saints or religious holidays, but this town was built later on the Spanish conquest, so that we can say that this whole culture is almost a local. The same goes for the subway. They opened it in 1985, just like the subway in another city in Brazil. But it's not the point. The local subway has a different number of branches, if you count them differently. Of course, we can assume that each branch of the new branch of the subway, even if it is only 4 stations, but is actually more correct to assume that the city has three subway lines. Disputes on this issue was very much, but still does not grow on the branches, most believe that it is a branch, while the documents are three of them, so that in most cases, so that all city residents were satisfied, write 2/3 . The result is as if the city does not even have a branch subway. This is a unique mathematical joke, as a platform ? in a famous book. So someone comes into confusion, and someone just confused because this is written fraction. So, we go directly to the subway. As can be seen on the original map of the underground, except for the inscriptions on it, there is also a unique icons that denote the same thing as the inscription at the stations, because the city has a very high percentage of illiterate people. Almost one in ten people in the city has no education, so in order not to introduce education in the heads of those who no longer wants to receive, it was decided to simply designate the station on the map and on the stations themselves with pictures and some flowers. As a result, lost in Recife Metro cannot even be a rare tourist who does not know the language. As you can see, everything was done for the convenience of the people so that they are not confused and wandered in search of the desired stations. After all, 28 stations - this is quite a lot.

As light as day

But not only the large stations and the subway is famous for beautiful images of the city of Recife. You can also find many interesting places that are not available in every city. Among these places can provide light, but not very spacious, ground stations and underground stations at which a light in the same way as on land, on condition that they have only artificial light, but because there is nothing wrong with that people are often confused, they are on the ground or an underground station. Thanks to the excellent lighting and cameras provided by the safety of each passenger, which will go by train. Speaking of trains, they are also very comfortable, so that everyone here will feel very comfortable, even though he did not know the city. After all, the subway will lead necessarily to the end of each station, from which will be open views of the city. Type of course great, but if you find yourself there, and trains will no longer, then walk to get your home or hotel will have a very long time, did not traversed several miles per hour, and sometimes not for two. So the most important thing in the subway - it does not sleep in the evening or at night, close to the closure of the underground.

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