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Porto Alegre subway map

A beautiful city

In Brazil, there are many cities that have a beautiful name and a very large number of residents, but residents of Europe or North America have heard about them quite a bit. So the city is Porto Alegre, another city in which appeared in the eighties underground. What can you tell us about it underground? First, it opened much earlier than the subway in the capital of Brazil, that do wrong by world standards and is very rare, so that this case is in itself deserves special attention. As this subway, there is a line with a length greater than 33 kilometers. Not every city has a branch line that connects the city center and suburbs, including some suburbs. Due to the presence of such a branch, we can safely say that most of the citizens of this city could in good conscience go to work not by car, while on the subway, especially since it is very comfortable and pleasant, and the large distance between the stations can him to move very quickly. Thus, the average speed of the subway is more than 40 kilometers per hour, but because the line is traversed in less than an hour, and most of the passengers are all in the subway at least 20 minutes while passing his 3.7 stops. In general, the entire line has 17 stations that operate every day seven days a week starting at 5 am and ending 11 pm. Therefore, it remains a very few people who could not keep pace with the train to get home. In general, the subway in Porto Alegre transports every day more than 170,000 people. In the near future this number will increase significantly, and the reason for this, we will reveal to you right now.

Plans for expansion

In general, the subway in Porto Alegre planned to increase for quite some time, but because in the current plans for City Hall project is to add one more branch of the underground, which will add to the map a little bit of greenery. Thanks to this thread a few areas, including the average population of the suburbs, it will be possible to cover a small number of stations and the minimum mileage, so that people can now get to work even faster. For example, the movement speed of the new branch will be even greater, because the 15-km train will take just 16 minutes. This means that the presence of not so many stations as the first branch, will give people the opportunity to more narrowly to choose their options for running the stations in the subway and head to the surface. In general, while the number of stations is not known, so that you cannot exactly say the time en route, because it can both increase and decrease, although the first option is more likely, though, because stations are not placed at a great distance, rather than the first branch, because in this case is simply an arrangement would be inefficient - most people will then get to the subway stations in more than a kilometer or even two, depending on the area of the city. So that the people of Porto Alegre will be prepared to make long-distance races - even at the minimum distance between stations, a few hundred meters they still have to go through to get to their underground train. But in general, so far underground in the city is only enough to ensure that its residents can use it within the center or as a chord for the intersection of the city, but so do a few people, yet the most part - are the ones who go to work school or in the center, as well as in other cities.

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