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Fortaleza subway map

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Subway in the city of Fortaleza, it was decided to connect to the local tram, for greater convenience to residents of the city could travel around the city, not only on the ground along the rails, but for them also, but under the ground. As for the subway, it was built on a standard basis of all the coastal cities of Metro - the closer to the shore, the more stations. If located in a residential area only 5 stations at the same distance, then in port at the same distance was built seven stations. In general, the very branch of Subway is very beautiful bend of the shore. It does not reach the ocean just a few hundred meters and then turns sharply and moves about two kilometers along the coastline. Since you are unsure whether this part of the Metro underground or above ground, there is a small chance that it is from this point can be seen not only harbor cranes and a lot of cargo ships, but also beautiful ocean, which is especially beautiful at night. But it will not talk about the beauty of the city and the nature around him, because the subway - that's what interests us. You will pass after a few kilometers of the coast and move away from the coast to be in an industrial area, which borders the business center of the city. All residential buildings in any case have been moved further away from the ocean, so people are not affected by disasters. In any case, the cataclysm will not seriously damage the local subway, because even if the end the main electricity is used, its replacement is still spare batteries, which will be taken of all the people at the final train station and will come back.


As for the possibilities of trains, here you can use the ticket at a relatively low price, as well as to secure tickets for the subway through the acquisition of the same card or ticket. All this is available from the many discounts not only for seniors and children, but also for students and pupils who are at least a little, but there is in this city. That's why you can purchase multiple tickets for themselves and tokens at a discount, but because travel on the subway could be for you much cheaper than elsewhere. Pay attention to it. Despite the fact that the train is moving much faster, because the number of stations is quite large, as well as the line itself is not so small, the ticket price only slightly higher than in other cities, where trains are moving to save a lot slower. But we cannot strictly be judged - in fact the speed is a relative term, and therefore cannot be said that the train that travels fast - better than the one that is going slowly. All is well in my case, it is very useful when the port can be reached within minutes, despite the fact that the subway train has to stop very often, because here there are more than 20 stations, which are located a short distance from each other. In any case where you would not want to go on the subway in the city of Fortaleza, you will never get here in a closely scored by car, because there are few people, and therefore very comfortable to ride in almost any time of day.

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