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Brasilia subway map

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Talking about the various metros of the world, we absolutely did not mention the subways, which are located in South America. But Brazil is one of the leading places in the area. And in terms of population, including, but because it was impossible to prevent the local Subway was forgotten. And so begin the story of the subway in South America with a metro city of Brasilia, which is the capital of Brazil, the home of a colorful carnival. Now let's move specifically to the issue. First, the subway in Brasilia is still quite young, in spite of the fact that it is the capital of the country. At the same time, looking at the Metro in other cities, we can say that the Metro is developing very well. As for other aspects, in particular the technical side, then let's talk about it later, because while you should tell a few words about how the subway was built and created. First, there is the subway was planned at an earlier date, and, as often happens, was delayed for several years to be able to save enough money to continue construction. In general, spent more than 500 million reals to build this subway. Thus, the Metro Planning began in 1992, although these terms then pushed to 1994, and then because of the delay in the construction turned out that the subway was built just to the year 2001. However, this does not mean that every station was built a long time, it now does not develop. Initially, there were 14 metro stations, and now this number has grown by more than 50 percent.

Stations a lot - a lot of people and

So, now for the technical part and boring statistics. What would a young underground may be, if there are people who want to get to work quickly and without any problems and congestion, they will use this subway, no matter how much it cost travel, and as it often did not go to the train. Neither speed nor high prices Brasilia residents do not complain, but because there is underground is considered one of the nicest. So, look: Metro opened in 2001 with the presence of only two branches and 14 stations on them. Then, when the test period subway was safely passed, people became much larger, and therefore it was decided to create a few more stations. As a result, over the past three years to 8 more rooted Metro stations, which are added the total number to 22, and the mileage was equal to 46 kilometers. However, the subway in the city very fast, which means that all 46 miles would take place in one hour if the train was moving along the line. The distance between stations is quite large, but it does not mean that at each station was crowded - in fact, the time between trains is very small, and therefore all have time to sit in the train. Every day it carries over 150,000 passengers, and because it is the subway is one of the busiest in the country and even in South America. Speaking about the further development of the underground, it is worth noting that we plan to add two more branches, which will lead to an increase in the underground for about a third. As regards passenger traffic, it will increase substantially, as this will be located underground throughout the city, mostly under its surface, but some stations here will definitely be on the ground.

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