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Belo Horizonte subway map

Straight line

This is not the largest city in Brazil was underground in 1986, when the world began to cover the rail network, stretched from one end of the world to another. This year is already more than 50 cities in the world had its own underground. Therefore, the Brazilian government adopted a decision on what is required underground, which would allow people to travel within the city without any problems and traffic jams. Thus, in 1986 in Belo Horizonte appeared underground. Of course, it was originally very small, because the station of this size cannot be fully paid from the municipal budget, so that the first stage of the subway was a little over 10 kilometers. Generally, if it was just a line, and even now it still makes the entire metropolitan cities, except that it has become little more than before. At first there were a line of only three trains, which is logical, because the three trains in the sum could walk with breaks of 15 minutes, and sometimes less, depending on whether they had to move in one direction or in both. In general, the metro in the city is quite simple, because a straight line on the map is almost not shifted in any direction in real life - it is ideal in terms of a simple subway, because it is a chord that passes through the city, and provides people with transportation , unloading at the same time, the surrounding streets. To have such a length that the line has now - it's almost 30 kilometers, the city must provide not only their territory, the line ran out there, but some of the suburbs and the territory to track could fit there.

Simple, but good

The development of the line had already begun in this century, because it was more rapid, because the money has been accumulated a lot, so that the line just a couple of years has doubled, and then added a couple of kilometers, to ensure that human needs. The line is simple - line 1, and the map indicated by a dark blue color. Now this line is 19 stations, some of them are underground, and some are located on the surface, because the underground not only allows sometimes to move away from the sunlight into the ground, but sometimes admire the beauty of the city, where there is really something to see. Of course, we cannot say that this city really looks like the capital of the country's beauty, but like all cities in South America, it looks very nice. However, continue talking about the subway. In the near future Metro plans to increase again, because it requires that by 2014 the underground could provide access to the local tourist stadium, because the country will be the World Cup in 2014, which means that the city will come a lot of tourists and fans, who always want to look great matches. To do this, the line will add three more stations, most of which will be underground, and some will go to the surface of the city. As for new trains, new stations every few forced to buy a new train to the time between them is not increased and maintained, and sometimes even decreased, for the convenience of people living in Belo Horizonte. That is why the local subway can be called a very comfortable, though very simple.

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