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Charleroi subway map

Subway instead of the tram

In the Charleroi light metro was built, which was opened in 1976. Despite his advanced age, the subway has become one of the main underground in Belgium. This means that it is carried by most of the passengers in the country. Charleroi - a city the size of a small scale in Europe, but across the country, this city is big enough so that there was built a large railway network of roads, which in addition, that cover the city itself, in addition to cover more and suburbs, the largest of which is Anderle and Gilly. Despite the fact that it's still underground, most of the leaf blade is pure tram-type, but there are also areas that have been created on the canvas of the combined type. As a result, we can say that the subway is a combined version of the usual subway and tram, which until the 1976 Metro equally operated in the city. Despite the large number of problems that arose during the construction of this facility, the construction was completed on time, because work on the underground part of Europe's best experts. Therefore, Metro Charleroi could be called a fast and convenient metro, not only in the country, but almost all of Europe.

A big step forward

Creating a metro in 1976 was a giant step forward for a small country, since the creation of such a large facility requiring large investments, which in the coming years immediately paid off. After that, it was decided that the subway should be developed. Initially, the subway was only two branches, but after a few years, Metro has developed to the four branches, which in its overall length are about 30 kilometers. But this does not mean that the length of travel through the city gets too big - in fact, the movement speed by far exceeds the local underground movement speed from any part of the city in any other. At most the time it takes a trip - it is 20 minutes. At the same time to do the exact same way on the ground, you need to spend at least 40 minutes. Therefore, we can talk not only about the fact that this Subway has a great advantage in price, but also a great advantage in time, which tend to be severely lacking in people engaged in the city.


For this reason, it is reasonable to assume that the Metro has a very good feature to develop further the growth of the city. Moreover, this development is taking place gradually. The very first branch was opened in 1976, then immediately began the construction of other branches of Metro, who went to the suburbs and further along the same lines. The last large tracts were established in 1992 and joined the last suburbs of the city. As a result of development of the Metro you can say a lot - its history is very rich, but worth telling, and the appearance of the subway - mostly underground has turned lying on the ground, but there are parts that go into the ground - they are few and relatively just Underground, they occupy approximately 10% of the length. Therefore, almost all of the underground, which was created based on the old tram lines on the surface of the earth. It is logical to assume that in this case, the underground will suffer because of the high speed of traffic congestion, but in fact it turns out that the movement of the underground movement almost overlapped on city roads. For this reason, it turns out that the subway is still possible to get faster to the entire city, rather than by bus. However, most people were not willing to change to the metro, so not many people use the subway.

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