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Brussels subway map

Metro Brussels Belgium

Met in the Belgian capital - Brussels, first took passengers in September 1976. The modern view of its final shape in 2009 after the necessary restructuring. In fact, the only Brussels - Metro Subway Belgium (Charleroi known subways and Antwerp are, in essence, a network of high-speed tram or underground). Met here is a quick and effective means of transportation, which will cover most of the important places in the city center and will allow access to the suburbs and in the recreation area Bryuparka.

Description of Subway

The total length of subway routes Belgium Brussels is about 38 km and has 59 stations. This network after the restructuring of the Transport 2009 forms four existing lines, which differ in numbers and color images on the cards. However, the third and fourth lines do not exist. Accordingly, at the moment working lines 1, 2, 5, 6. To service the message the city tunnel between north and south and east of the outer ring is used trams. The first line serves the direction Gare de l'Ouest-Stockel. Line 2 runs from the station Simonis (Elisabeth) to the final station Simonis (Leopold II), being virtually non-closed ring. The fifth line connects the station Erasme, and Herrmann-Debroux. And Line 6 connects the station Roi Baudouin - Simonis (Leopold II) - Gare de l'Ouest - Gare du Midi - Simonis (Elisabeth), thus forming a loop around the city center. Thus, all the lines intersect and share common station transplant. It goes underground in Brussels is also unique in that station are decorated with modern Belgian painters, sculptors and photographers, that together form a full-fledged museum, which can be visited on the cost of the travel in the metro.


To understand the patterns of public transport routes to help the cards that are at all subway stations. A fully functioning transport in Brussels from six am to midnight, at night time operating system is on duty the night buses. Brussels Metro serving passengers from five am until the morning. Trains depart at the same time from the stations every seven minutes. In Brussels, there are single tickets for multiple modes of transport. At the same time different tickets for one trip, and intended for several flights, the limited duration. Children under 12 are entitled to free travel, but children older than 6 years of age must carry a special travel - Abonnement J. Children under six years are required to travel accompanied by an adult, with the right of free travel will only be four of the children on a full paid adult ticket. Himself a ticket is inserted into an electronic punch, located on the subway platform or inside trams and buses. Since its registration can be for an hour to change to different modes of transport are not kompostiruya ticket again. If the ticket is planned trip to several people, it must be validated for each of them. In the case of non-payment canter provides severe civil penalty, and she paid the fare to be paid on the spot or within three days.

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