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Baku Metro currently has 23 stations, the lines have a total length of 34, 6 km. In the past, he was one of the cheapest metro in the world fares (one train in the Baku subway was worth 0, 20 dollars). The existing two lines have a rather complicated structure of the train, which is nodivided into five main routes. The first phase of the Baku subway proposed to build in three phases. After having been put into operation the first starting area "Baksovet" - "Nariman Narimanov," which has a branch at the station, "Shaumyan" station "April 28", continued the construction of the second start site 2 long, 1 km from the station, "April 28" to the station, "Nizami", and the third, having the length of 7, 4 km from the station, "Nariman Narimanov" station "Neftchilar." However, due to the fact that the construction of the second section of unforeseen difficulties, it was decided to first complete the construction of the third start site, which has four stations: "Ulduz", "Mashadi Azizbayov", "Aurora", "Neftchilar."

Work in the northern section, in whose composition there are three stations and one depot (PM-2) were met by 40 percent. Of the eight kilometers of paths three and a half has already been built. Half the work performed at the station "Hazi Aslanov" after the station "Ahmeddy": imported cables, rails, marble and other equipment. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union have cut off any funds, which led to a complete halt construction. Only eleven years after the funds have been allocated by the government, opened the first line since the independence of Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that the green line was opened in 1968, the station Elmlyar Akademiyasi, Nizami, January 20, Neftchiler Mermar Ajami, Liberty and the Nasimi continue to operate in the red line on the principles of forklift traffic. Trains from the station Azi Aslanov until May 28, pass all together. And the station May 28, they nodiverge, with one ihz trains moving in the direction of the station Baksovet, and another - in the direction of the station Darnagul. Between stations and the Shah Ismail Jabar Khatan Dzhabardy for each of the two shuttle routes go. Explained by such a traffic pattern so that the underground road that links the station Nizami and Jabar Dzhabardy has not yet been built. Once the basic work on the construction of these routes will be completed (Q1 2013 goda0, the scheme will change and movement in order to separate the red and green lines. Train station Bakmil sent approximately every 25 minutes according to the approved schedule.

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