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In addition to the main subway in Vienna Austria sleeve has another trump card, which is Linz. This city has no subway, but a system of light rail. What distinguishes this form of transport from the metro and tram from the simple? The answer is more than obvious, because the simple tram it is different at high speed, almost like a real underground, but from the present subway, he differs only in that it is still more trams than the subway. Therefore, this unique system of railway communication was established in the town many years ago, but recently it has seriously changed. It is worth to say more about the technical progress, rather than what is now underground, or more precisely, light rail, grew in size. The second aspect is, of course, also plays a role in the development of the underground, but most of all is to think about what went forward progress, which replaced the old horse trams to run on the first steam engines, and then to the electric trains.

Say no horse-drawn

The progress on the old lines of moving new compounds, whose age is much less than the age of the line. Incidentally, the total number of lines in the city far exceeds ten. The main tram routes go exactly through the center of the city from north to south, because the main road runs perpendicular to this mode of transport. This was done to ensure that the tram could immediately get on any other form of transport, and then get to anywhere in the city. Given that a tram is moving pretty fast and a top speed approaching 60 km / h, it is worth mentioning also the chance that you can reach anywhere in the city in less time than if I had to get to the same point in by any other means of transport. Now, when the underground, sort of, was built, people live much easier. Of course, relief is not only because the city can move much faster, but also because the tram is much cheaper than any other form of transport in the city. Using this particular transport, you can save time and money in equal measure, because the speed of the tram is much higher than even the average speed of movement of any other transport within the city.

It should be cheap, but money brings

Broadly speaking about light rail, it is worth special mention that it cost the city much less than the construction of any subway. After all expenses were nearly a hundred years ago, while the subway is still profitable to the city treasury. So far, the only additional improvements are planned, which can accelerate the movement of trams, improve their movement pattern and also simplify the procedure for travel on the tram. Currently, this is so not a big problem for the citizens, who every day enjoy the local tram to get to work or vice versa to go back to it, but here it is for tourists sometimes get too used to it. Therefore, in the near future we should expect improvements in the process of fare. More local tram nothing better is required, because it basically works, and so good. Speaking about his other characteristics, can be mentioned and rolling stock, which is sufficient for a city. All tram trains - two cars that have a decent mode of transport for such a moving speed of the city. From this we can say that as long as it's not underground, but still a good form of public transport, which can be used in any way. That is why this transport will always exist in this city. It is too old to be crushed for the new metro, and too convenient for it. So people will use it anyway, cause it is the best way to their aim.

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