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Sydney subway map

The last unspoiled land

The only continent on the present moment, which remains the only underground - this is Australia. So he was not lucky that the subway here in no hurry to build, but in the near future, want to change the situation, since the Sydney Metro will be built as soon as possible. If all went a bit better than they really are, Metropolitan Sydney would have been built - in the end could enjoy the rides on one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But for now, Metro is not built, and can only wait for the subway will be created. Initially, that is, to date, the city created a thread, which will take place directly through the city, to connect it with the two suburbs, which will be the final station of the subway. All in all lines will be built eight stations. 6 of them will be right in town, so residents will be able to use the subway with the only purpose to ride to the nearest suburbs, or else use it to travel within the downtown. Generally, such an arrangement of underground storm caused not only positive emotions, but also a lot of negative statements about this, because this is built underground in the central business district of the city, but because it occupies a large territory, which had planned to allocate more rapid urban transport, joining together to plan Sydney and several other cities. As a result, this area is now occupied by a small underground, but because many people who are prepared to invest their money in the development of a larger network of railways, were the loser.

Small Underground - a very small

But let's not talk about the negative aspects. In general, the metro in Sydney built not very fast - problems still strong natural character, which means that one moment when the subway will be constructed, it will have to endure the force of nature. But so far that he did not have to do, and this means that for 4 years Subway is in a relatively safe area. As for future predictions, it is still impossible to say what will happen to the city against the backdrop of rising sea levels. Thus, from the positive aspects can only say that the Metro in Sydney will be the means of transportation for many people when it is constructed, so that further plans to build a subway encompass not only the creation and development of one branch of the underground, but its further increase and well as enlargement of the network by increasing the number of branches of the subway. Results will be created is not less than two branches, and only then can we talk about the usefulness of the subway, because only if majority of residents will use the subway to the fullest. However, even after the subway will be built and developed to the desired size, no promises that the criticism against him safely disappear because Metro will still take a trip, which was prepared for an entirely different purpose. This means that the subway for the next few years after the discovery of guaranteed notoriety. But so far that has not happened, as, indeed, the opening of the subway, so we can say that the local station will be one of the smallest underground world, having a length slightly greater than 7 kilometers. Future development will be, but after the opening of Metro prepared bottom lines of the best metro in the world.

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