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Yerevan subway map

Opening of the subway in Yerevan held March 7, 1981. To date, the grid has ten stations, which are located on the same line, as well as a single-track branch "Charbakh" - "Shengavit." The total length of all lines is 12, 1 km. It is assumed further construction of eight more stations. The construction of the subway in 1972, initially in the form metrorama, but in the course of construction he was transformed into a subway. It serves a single line of depots "Shengavit." Applied on it dvuhvagonnye compounds that consist of a front carriages Plan 81-717, and 81-71m, which means that they plan 81-714 intermediate cars that are on the preservation of the depot. In September 2011 a modernization of 81-717 cars into wagons like 81-71m.

The main line is "Friendship" (in "Barekamutyun") - "David of Sasun" (in "Sasuntsi David") without station "Republic Square" and "Warlord A.." Line has been opened without the depot, and in order to service the rolling stock was built a small PTO called "Sasuntsi David" of the same name near the station in two ways. "Charbakh", a new subway station in Yerevan, is located on a branch to the south of the station "Shengavit" toward the depot. It is a ground station, the type of platform, "Bakmil" in Baku. This single-track station, with a two-car shuttle train runs every ten minutes to "Shengavit." Direct trains to the center of missing the train "Charbakh" in "Shengavit" taken in the interval between trains on one of the main ways in Yerevan on the benefit of the water.

In December 1981 opened the station "Republic Square" July 11, 1983 opened the line, "David of Sasun" - "Gortsaranain" December 26, 1985 was opened by the line "Gortsaranain" - "Shengavit" as well as depots "Shengavit", which was carried out on ways to train traffic throughout the year. January 4, 1987 marked the beginning of the opening line of "Shengavit" - "Square Garegin Nzhdeh" December 2, 1989: has opened the line "Zoravar A." December 26, 1996: the date of the opening line of "Shengavit" - "Charbakh" - at the site runs a shuttle-train .

By the way, the prospects for the development of the metro in Yerevan are still very vague. There was open from 1996 no new stations, and now rose sharply question. to maintain the existing network. In 1989-1991 - and this is the end of the Soviet era - completed the construction of tunnels of the structure "Nazarbekyan" and "Ajapnyak." However, in order to bring them into operation to be done a large amount of work. The diagrams that are stuck in a wagons are shown plans of further development of the first line - it is building a new launch site, which runs from the station of "Friendship", which are assumed to be two new stations, as well as a second line to the area Kanaker-Zeitoun. Yerevan Metro is one of two underground post-Soviet space, which is someone's name. The second is the name in the Moscow Metro, Lenin, whereas before, it is also worn by the name of Kiev, Leningrad, Baku and Tashkent metro. December 28, 1999 Yerevan Metro officially given the name of a prominent statesman Demirchana Karen, who died tragically on October 27, 1999. Yerevan has two unfinished subway station, which are located west of the station Friendship: Davidashen and Ajapnyak. Each of the stations - shallow, and according to the project, it must have side platforms. Construction has begun their pre-1991. However, the subway is still an impossible task for an independent Armenia. The question that must be renewed at the unfinished construction work has already been raised repeatedly. Timing is also sometimes called the start - this is 2010. It was stipulated in the best years of that in the short term, Yerevan will become the owner of three subway lines. All intercar scheme as of 2005 still contain a reference to the projected second line (in the north-east of the Friendship Station)

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