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New Subway Cordoba

Development of Argentina is a fairly slow pace, despite the fact that this country has a fairly large population in South America. City of Cordova has a population of over half a million people, which means big traffic problems without the subway in the city. Currently, however, the underground there still is not, rather, it began to build - already have all the agreements between the parties, have a plan and the necessary materials and equipment, people and funding. Nearly two billion dollars will be invested in the city subway. Building a subway is the tradition of this great country to use once again foreign workers. If the first station of the country created the British, Germans and Spaniards, now Cordova took over the Chinese. They are ready to create a full-fledged subway there, if the price they are quite satisfied. Of course, that two billion - this is a very good price, so that no one doubts that the underground will necessarily built. But at the same time, there are several problems that distinguish the international community. First, the construction of the subway in a major city like Cordova has meant a temporary worsening traffic situation in the city. Second, many do not trust what the Chinese are able to quickly and accurately make the Metro, which will meet all the requirements of a modern subway. However, there are no more problems, so the construction and preparation for it are in full swing.

View of the future subway Cordoba

What will be on site underground and how it will look like, it's also very important for any city not only in terms of solving transport problems, but also in terms of pollution and traffic problems. The Chinese in his project identified four branches of the underground and 29 stations, which will be located only 18 kilometers of roads. That is an average of one branch will account for 7 stations, and only 4 kilometers. On the one hand, it substantially reduces the rate of construction of the already small metro, on the other hand, it is much lower the speed of trains that will go along these lines. But, in principle, the rate is not so important, especially if it will differ by only 10-15 km / h No one is going to build high-speed underground, the more problems no one wants in the subway when the train at high speed just went off the rails. In addition, the high population density in the region simply does not allow to build a station at a great distance from each other, because in this case will have to build a large platform, whereas you can create several small streams to separate human and not interfere with normal to sit in a small train . Thanks to these systems will severely reduce the amount of congestion on the roads and cars, as well as to deal with a lot of people on the streets. Now it will be enough just to go down into the ground and sit on the right train that will take away your right to the desired point in a short time. Each branch will be traversed by the train no more than 15 minutes, which is very convenient for every resident of the city, which has to go to work on the other end of town.

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