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Buenos Aires subway map

Metro trams after

Quite an old subway was built in Buenos Aires when the local authorities saw the lack of public transport in the city. Local trams, which was quite a lot, still could not cope with the load, but because the people always were unable to work on time. Yes, and the presence of pedestrians on all streets, too, did not give anything good. Therefore, a new decision by the authorities - is a subway in the city. Trams in the city have existed for a long time, more than 30 years, but failed, and so in 1909 construction began on a new vehicle - subway in Buenos Aires. Their own state could not build a subway, so that was established international company, which included shareholders from Argentina and England. Together, they began to create tunnels. As you know, early subways are not very deep, because the tools for digging deeper tunnels 10-15 feet simply did not exist, except for the hands. Therefore, for the construction of a tunnel in the middle of Buenos Aires was used a lot of workers who simply dug out, creating a tunnel in it. However, the company, which began service line, built only one branch, after which the contract was terminated with it. The first line was built in less than three years, after which the well was opened.

Different branches, different builders

The following lines were opened one after another: 1913, 1930, 1955. The last date marked the time when they were discovered last line, except for the yellow, which is finishing work later. Generally, if you look at the subway map in different years, we can immediately see that there is a yellow line, in principle, represents a branch under construction. Because in 1955 only a yellow line was built, and then, when it was completed and the company undertook the construction of the other branches, repainted yellow line in the line of purple. The plan for the future lies in the fact that the branches will be even more so, the network becomes more dense metro. Already, the Buenos Aires metro carries more than a million people every day, and some of his lines are so loaded that are transported per day nearly 400 thousand people. Empty is the line now carries up to 20,000 passengers a day.

Changes in the metro

Most residents were unhappy with the fact that when the subway was transferred into private hands, his schedule has changed. If Metro had worked until one o'clock and people were happy with this schedule, the new owner initially changed the time of the subway, and it was closed at 11 pm and sometimes at midnight. Previously, he argued that the additional time needed to prepare the line and inspect them all, then he simply refused to comment, and left time in exactly the same as it was before. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the Argentines are pretty lazy nation, and not really striving for progress, there is a long-term development plan of the underground in this country, which shows that the subway in Buenos Aires will be developed in the future will have two branches, which will be held parallel to the current yellow thread, just a little further to cover a large area of the city.

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