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The sharp rise in

Very handy when the country name and capital city of this country are absolutely identical. With this you can safely say that the subway is in Algiers, implying not only the city but the entire country. Here, the subway was built quite recently - just in November 2011 was the opening of the underground, which was attended not only builders and construction customers, but also the country's president. Thus, the opening of the subway has become a big event here, which was expected for many years. Indeed, the history of subway from mid last century, when after the Second World War, the size of the city have increased significantly - due to this there were numerous problems with transport, because the roads began to appear jams, and a large number of private vehicles has been to create too many problems in the city and suburbs, especially since the city is constantly growing, and therefore required to keep the road, if not empty, then at least free of other vehicles, which would have prevented the movement of construction workers. As a result, it was decided that the required underground, and is required urgently, and it was included in the list of projects of the first stage. But to build a subway going to the country's only money that is earned only through the sales of oil to world markets. Once in the late eighties, oil prices collapsed, the country is no longer able to support the construction of subway at the same level as before, but because construction of the project was suspended until such time as the country has not found the money to continue construction of the subway. As a result, construction was continued until 1994, when the country was allocated for the construction of the subway.

For a long building - a good result

Oddly enough, but the subway in the city, under which lies a lot of sand, was not so easy. The total construction period of the first branch is about 17 years - from 1994 to 2011. This is a great deal, especially considering the fact that the length of the first branch is only 9 kilometers. As a result, the construction of the underground were very slow for several reasons, among which are found not only economic. However, it is worth noting here is that: the construction of the metro in the country invited foreign workers from France, which took up the work. Prior to the participation of these countries participated in the construction of only a local construction firm, which paved a little more than a kilometer of track and organized the construction of two stations. Now there are 10 stations in the near future this number will only grow. In total, after all the extensions of the stations will be established, the length of the subway will increase to 64 kilometers, and the number of stations will increase to 62. In the future, will all three branches. Now there is only one, but to begin with and this number does not look as bad as the complete absence of a metro in the country. As for the overall data, while the population uses the subway is not particularly active, but on the streets has become much freer, because people understand the importance of public transport for the city and their own good. As a result, Algeria's modern subway - a small and convenient form of public transportation that allows people to move so far only within the city, without going beyond its borders. But the plan to create the rest of the branches, so that covered all of the additional suburbs and areas that are vital to the city. Therefore, the immediate future for the city - the development of the metro.

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